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Julie Fitzgerald FNP-BC Welcome’s You!

Being able to age gracefully was a worrisome topic I began thinking about once I turned 30. My hormones were changing and symptoms of PMS began. This is when I tried my first experiment with progesterone cream.

The cream diminished my symptoms of bloating and irritability until I started working the night shift at a hospital at age 40. At this time, I switched to oral progesterone static dosing. I had really good results for several years until my stress level increased.

When I turned 50, I learned about rhythmic dosing and wanted to give it a try. This is more in tune to the body’s natural hormonal cycle. The thing about balancing hormones is that it is an art form.  Everyone is different and needs to be treated as an individual rather than using a cookie cutter approach.  I feel better at 50 than I did at 40.

On the other hand, my husband did not start fixing his hormones until he turned 50.  Within six weeks from starting therapy, he was shocked how different he felt.  He said he would have started earlier if he knew he would feel this good.

Energy, sex, cognitive function, and vibrant youth can be diminished over time if you don’t give your body the hormonal structure it needs to maintain it. I built my practice to help you feel well again and to teach you how to hold onto youth for as long as you can. I look forward to working together to build your individual wellness plan.

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